Nominations for Short Drama

The strength and breadth of Short Drama in this festival is a feast for film buffs, and a testament to the story telling skills from all comers of the planet. The Short Drama nominations are.

  • Healers, France
  • Rreze, Kosovo
  • Yet Another Breakup, Belgium
  • Arrested Prisoner, Brazil

Nominations for Feature Drama

Its been an extremely interesting and varied field this year crossing genres and styles. The judge’s nominations are:

  • The Slovenian Crime Thriller Ana’s Commission
  • The Azerbaijani Drama Steppe Man
  • The Japanese Cult Movie Yorozuya Detective Story

And there is still time to cast your vote for these films.

Yorozuya Detective Story

And now something completely different, Yorozuya Detective Story offers the cult film craziness that the Japanese excel at. Set in the bizarre hyper real world of an Elvis impersonator, caricature baddies and a host of strange bit players, this film provides endless mirth and surprise. The characters are strange though it all makes perfect sense in its own eccentric world. This is a crazy indulgence in comedy and cult.

Yorozuya Detective Story - Still

Ana’s Commission

There have been few Slovenian films that have broken into the international festival circuit. Ana’s Commission is one of them. This movie combines elements of drama and thriller in its compelling tale of secret greed and criminality. It’s set against the background of serious corruption and graft that have become a prevailing issue in recent years. Ana, the film’s protagonist sees her husband’s descent into a life of white-collar crime, and the possibly fatal consequences for her family and herself. Ana’s Commission provides a tight script and editing to match. The actors portray the inner turmoil of lives bound tightly in deceit and stealth superbly.

Ana’s Commission - still

Steppe Man

Steppe Man by Shamil Aliyev was the Azerbaijani entry into the 86thAcademy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film. The story follows the life of a young camel herder,deeply in tune with the natural rhythms of the land he lives on, and the animals he tends to. The passing of his father and the arrival of a woman from another world, and another epoch, define the transition from one life into another, and what is lost and what is gained. Steppe Man is packed with a potent gravity, providing for a thoughtful, visually spectacular audience experience certain to fulfil the viewer.

Steppe Man - still


With just the submissions we’ve had so far there’s going to be a deep, diverse array of exceptional world cinema in the December Festival.The next festival begins on December 1 and runs through to December 31, 2018. And submissions are open till 23 November. is an online film festival that showcases and rewards independent films from around the world with audience and jury awards.

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The next festival begins on December 1 and runs through to December 31, 2018. And submissions are open till 23 November. has been designed by filmmakers for filmmakers and film lovers. If you are a filmmaker, submissions are open till 23 November. Just go to
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Best Feature Drama – A Sublime Life

And the Winner of The Best Feature Film is A Sublime Life (Uma Vida Sublime).

This is a compelling Portuguese thriller with an unique story line, deep with surprise twists and turns. Dr. Ivan makes sure his patients value their lives whether they want to or not. His methods are both benignly mischievous and sadistic, as he moves between his public and hidden self.

A sublime life - still

Best Short Drama – 4’9

In a close run contest for Best Short Film, the winner is 4’9.

This Spanish short impressed the judges with its clever telling of an educational tale. Charmingly told and powerfully acted, this poignant tale about education and the impact of childhood on an adult’s destiny beat the other nominees to the line.

4'9 - still

Best Animation – Onión

Choosing the Festival’s Best Animation wasn’t easy but the casting vote gave it to Onión.

Hysterically sharp satire, Onión combines a hyper real send up of present day vanity and New Age obsessions, with truly fantastic animation of the most compellingly surreal kind. In 22 short minutes, award winning Argentinian director, Zaramella, shows why his cinema magic has amazed film lovers around the globe. Funny, perceptive and totally out of this World.

Onión - still