IGUHIT (To Draw)

An artist tries to draw a woman’s face but his hands contradict each other preventing him to finish it.

Iguhit - still

What Remains

Freely inspired by the classic German novel, “The Magic Mountain”, by Thomas Mann, the film follows the last days of Clavdia Chauchat (Isabél Zuaa) in a sanatorium for the treatment of respiratory diseases. In trying to say goodbye to Hans Castorp (Vicente Coelho), she has to deal with the confession of an unpronounced love. In space-time comings and goings, both make an effort of resignification of their affections so that they can move forward.

What Remains - still


Hidden beneath mountains of century-old film reels the archivist Henri has found fatal evidence that society is soon to collapse.

But will he be able to convince his patrons about his discovery?

A film playing with sound, space and time.

Palindrome - still

Chanson à Part

A young woman wanders the deserted expanses with a rolling suitcase.

A father appears on her skin like a tattoo.

A journey between two distresses where poetry is the only salvation.

Chanson a Part - still

The last Vermouth

1998, France : three old friends, mountain farmers, meet each other one evening to celebrate Serge’s retirement, the group leader. They drink too excessively and wake up much later.

As they realise they don’t have alcohol anymore, they decide to go down to the nearest village to refuel. By the time they arrive there, they realise that the dead have come back to life and attack the living.

During an escape, they meet an old priest who helps the remaining survivors and decide to unit to survive.

The last vermouth - still

End Of

A priest and a cabaret waitress are waiting at a deserted bus stop on a quiet dusty road. He sits alone, weary from traveling and afflicted by emotional and religious duality.

As he sits and waits, he is plagued by disturbing visions. She appears at the bus stop, takes out a bible and starts to read. She too is struggling to fight off her last demons and visualizes ending his life. Both are looking for a way to escape and find true freedom.

They are sitting on the razor’s edge. She jots something down and appears inspired. Eventually she gives up and invites him to join her. Looking to overcome fear, suffering, prejudice and inhibitions, they take off their clothes and walk away together.

End Of - still

Brief Encounter

The ex-husband and the lover meet by chance at the grave of the woman with whom they both had a relationship.

Brief Encounter - still


Today it’s a sunny day. Alain goes out to have a walk… but always with his cellphone at hand, of course.

Amoled - still