Get ready to suffer nightmares and frights galore, as we descend into the true heart of darkness to confront the world’s most horrifying demons!

Sh%t The President Says

Get ready for the most incredible, most amazing, most quotable quotes from the 45th president of the United States Donald J. Trump! It’s Sh^% The President Says!

Brainwashed The Secrets Of Mind Control

The human mind is like a Pandora’s Box of secrets and wonders. But can it be conrolled? Look into the abyss and count down from 10, Brainwashed: The Secrets of Mind Control is about to begin.

Heroes Of The Holocaust Oskar Schindler

Heroes Of The Holocaust series profiles those who risked or gave their lives to save others. The word “hero” should never be used lightly, but there are those who embody every letter of the word. Oskar Schindler is one such man.

Operation Paperclip The Secret Recruitment

Strap in for one of the most surprising stories ever told in this stunning new documentary, Operation: paperclip: The Secret Recruitment of nazi’s into Nasa’s space program.

New World Order The Shadow Of Power

Delve into the subject of true power and who holds it in this no-holds-bar documentary film. Unravel the mystery that continues to fascinate and mystify. Find out what the New World Order really is and who is really in control.

Tesla The Science of Enlightment

Enter the mind of an extraordinary genius. This new documentary explores Tesla’s life and his vision. Welcome to the science of enlightenment.


Welcome to the matrix, is it illusion or is it reality? Find out in this powerful new documentary that explores the ultimate questions of life: where do we come from and what is the nature of reality itself.

Stem Cells The Secret of Immortality

With major breakthroughs, stem cell research continues to be as much of a hot button issue as it is the stuff of miracles. Join us on this documentary exploration to uncover what could be the secrets to immortality.