Captain Morten and The Spider Queen

A young boy learns to take control over his life when he is shrunk to the size of an insect and has to sail his own toy boat through a flooded café. Morten has to be shrunk down before he can grow up.

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Perfect Present

A “behind closed doors” relationship comedy about an awkward reunion dinner between three flawed brothers who all have a hidden agenda. The evening descends into chaos when the woman they all love announces her pregnancy without revealing the father’s identity. —– Perfect Present is a heady cocktail of unrequited love, sibling rivalry, adultery and a dash of lies, that swirls together to become a bitter-sweet toxic potion that three estranged brothers – and the single most important woman in all their lives – are forced to consume in one sitting during an epic family reunion dinner gone astray.

Perfect Present Scene


The film is a psychological drama that flirts with science fiction and approaches the delicate universe of João (Gabriel Pardal) a guy that tries to put a somewhat unusual plan into practice – stop time. And in order to do that he will have to commit some kind of social suicide.
Isolated in his tiny rear apartment in a forgotten neighbourhood, on a dystopian Rio de Janeiro, neglected by many but resided by the only ones who didn’t have the chance to leave before the great crisis, proves that stopping time becomes an arduously lonely journey that will make João face extreme consequences.

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Ana’s Commission

The contextual framework of “Ana’s commission” is the current phenomenon of tycoon (or white-collar) scandals in Slovenia.

In the foreground of Ana’s commission there is a story of a personal and intimate drama of Ana Mlejnik, a photographer and designer, triggered by tycoon dealings of her husband Sašo Mlejnik, a seemingly successful businessman, who keeps his business entirely secret from his wife and the mother of their daughter, Lina.

Sašo’s cleverly disguised greed that clouds his judgement between good and evil results in a situation Sašo can no longer handle: he disappears into the unknown. Ana and Lina become helpless victims of an invisible tycoon criminal group. Inside this dramatic overturn there is even more: a story of betrayal, relationship, friendship and love.

A subtle and especially important thematic parallel is the attitude of society towards Ana and Lina after they become helpless victims of circumstances: the environment does not believe that Ana did not play a part, or at least that she doesn’t know of her husband’s wrongdoings. In the beginning of the story, Ana’s profound empathy for fellow humans in distress leads her to photograph refugees crossing blade fences at the border.

The completely unexpected twist at the end is thus an even greater shock for Ana: metaphorically, Ana and Lina become refugees too…

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Steppe Man

One steppe man is living far from the cities closely communicating with the nature. His father teaches him all wisdom of the steppe life.

After his father’s death he met with the young woman who came from the village.

Meeting with her is a new page in his life and a huge step into the big and unfamiliar life ahead..

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The Return of the Wolf

An old man tries to recover his memory.

A woman wants to find her daughter.

A sinister world awaits them.

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Yorozuya Detective Story

Shiro becomes obsessed with detective work after stumbling upon the ghostly abode of his childhood television hero, detective Jubei Yagyu.

In flashbacks evoking the campiness of ’70s Japanese television, Shiro reminisces about the man’s deeds and almost superhuman capability for solving mysteries.

However, after Shiro’s own detective agency opens for business, he and his Watson-like partner Mio find themselves bored of being hired by neighbours for the occasional odd job.

They crave a real mystery worthy of Jubei.

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Torments of Love

On an island off the coast of Guadeloupe, two sisters, Myriam and Vanessa, have planned to stay for a few days in the family house, where the sweet memory of their grandmother is still vivid. But Vanessa is not aware that a particular guest is expected for lunch and when she catches sight of their father coming, a cold and quiet man that she didn’t want to see anymore, it is too late to escape the confrontation. Around the table, unsaid things, provocations and blunders will lead each individual to face their own ambiguous feelings.

Torments D’Amour

Rainbow Fields

On a soul searching journey back to his native place on hearing the news of the death of a childhood friend, a famous film director has to confront the unresolved vestiges of a terrible childhood accident, before he loses his last chance for redemption and closure.

Wander about me

Saayeh is in her 30s, seeking for her dreams in today’s Tehran.

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