The Mail Carrier

Older man Viktor, who is stuck in his everyday routine, has to decide, either to make a brave move and confess his feelings to the woman he’s loved for all his life, or be lonely until the end of his days.

The Mail Carrier - still


Time’s running while a stunned mother struggles against the melancholy of the strongest love in this world.

Ethereal - still

Shooting a Dark Horse

María has returned to the house where she grew up after twelve years without going. There she can get a lot of material for her new photography exhibition.

Everything is perfect until one night, a noise coming from the floor below catches Maria’s attention. She feels that all the people of that village hide something, including Luis, her only friend and with whom she shares a small story of summer love.

Every day that passes everything is stranger and the noises coming from the floor below are stronger every night.

Shooting a dark horse - still


Anita and Beti have to prepare the interview for an adoption but they do not have the same point of view about the strategy they need to follow.

Astelehena - still

I am a reflection

The day after her birthday party, Alice is faced with a mysterious mirror, placed in her living room. She will be destabilized by a paranormal actuvity.

I am a reflection - still

Look at me for a moment

The story is about a woman who has a pregnancy-related depression and worries about her baby’s birthday, which had a bitter memory since that day!

This condition has put her in a mental crisis…

Look at me for a moment - still

The Rope

The son stole part of his father’s money and now he comes back to steal the rest. The rope is waiting for him at home. The father wants his son to hang himself as atonement for what he has done. The son decides to torture his father to make him reveal where the money has been hidden.

The Rope - still


Daria, a Russian girl wakes up after a nightmare. Alina is by her side and does everything to comfort her but something worries her.

Alina - still