A Childhood Drama amid Political Violence – Rainbow Fields

Rainbow Fields is powerful and serious insight into the troubled political times in the Indian state of Assam. Thirty years after leaving Assam, Niyor hears of the death of his best childhood friend and goes on a quest to rediscover his childhood and finds some dark secrets about his friend that grew out of their friendship. Bidyut Kotoky is a skilful and experienced director and it shows. Rainbow Fields has been nominated for the Feature Drama Award.

Rainbow Fields - still

Great Portuguese Thriller – A Sublime Life

A Sublime Life is a clever mystery thriller with an unusual storyline with some unexpected twists and turns.

Dr. Ivan makes sure his patients value their lives whether they want to or not. His methods are both benignly mischievous and sadistic, as he moves between his public and hidden self.

Filmmaker, Luís Diogo has demonstrated his ability as a skilled writer and director. It’s a great film and has been nominated for the Feature Drama Award.

A sublime life - still

Onion: Wild, Savage, Outrageous Animation 

Hysterically sharp satire, Onion combines a hyper real send up of present day vanity and New Age obsessions, with truly fantastic animation of the most compellingly surreal kind. In 22 short minutes, award winning Argentinian director, Zaramella, shows why his cinematic magic has amazed film lovers around the globe. Funny, perceptive and totally out of this World.

World Film’s reviewers were impressed that it’s been nominated for the Best Animation Award.

Onión - poster