Another Life

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Africans risk their lives trying to get into Europe. This is their story. We follow a convoy of young migrants. First came the hopes and idealism of the journey’s start. They were going to be the lucky ones who overcome all the odds to build a new life in Europe. Next came the growing comprehension of just what they had undertaken. The loss of their money in bribes to corrupt officials. The dried-out bodies of other migrants in the desert – a constant reminder of what would happen to them if they ran out of water. Then came the hell of Libya’s internment camps. The squalid conditions and beatings. And finally, the bitter knowledge that they are simply pawns, to be used and abused by every authority they encounter. And the sickening realisation that they have lost the biggest gamble of their lives. DIRECTOR: ALEXANDRE DEREIMS.

I just love to Paddle

In July 2008, Napoleon and five paddling companions attempted to cross nine Hawaiian channels in six days, each in a one-man outrigger canoe.

Collective Moments of Madness

Five international travelers (3 French, 1 British and 1 Australian) set out on an epic journey, to be the first people to take Bactrian camels from the towering heights of the Himalayas down to Rajasthan and the famous Pushkar camel fair. When two of the camels die, the travelers are blamed for the deaths their camels, in the local media and the BBC. Threatened with charges of animal cruelty, police prosecution and mob justice, the group is forced into hiding.

Doni doni – soon you will be artists.

In Koumana village Bangali, Moussa, Dati and Omori Camara are learning the traditional music of Hamanah people: the Strong Men, by master Nankhoria Amadou Keita.

Step by step they will learn the secrets of Hamanah tradition. Yakhouba Dabo, a young percussionist from Conakry, reaches Koumana during his travel in search of traditional rhythms where he meets the four children. Their destinies meeting is the cross between village and city, where tradition and modernity weaves together.

Discovering Lake Argyle

When explorer Alexander Forrest discovered the rich black soil plains surrounding the mighty Ord River during his 1879 exploration of the north west of Western Australia, he set in motion a series of events that began with the pioneering Durack family driving 7000 head of cattle all the way from Queensland and has culminated today in the amazing Ord River Scheme.

During peak flood in the wet season, enough water flows out of the Ord River in a single hour to supply Perth for 10 years. Today this water is harnessed by the spectacular Lake Argyle, Australia’s largest body of fresh water at currently over 27 times the size of Sydney Harbour.

The lake is the centre piece in the Ord River Scheme, which is one of the most ambitious infrastructure projects in Australia’s history.

The film features:

> The Pioneering Durack Family
No story of the history of the East Kimberley can be told without including the Durack Family who over several generations have played a pivotal role in the development of the region.

> The Diversion Dam & Ord Dam Construction
Both dam constructions were captured on 16mm film at the time and offer us an insight into Australian life in the late 1950’s to early 1970’s.

> The Ord River Scheme Development
With the dams built and the dream of unlimited water now realised, the next challenge was to find crops that would thrive in a tropical environment.

> The spectacular Ord River & Lake Argyle
In Discovering Lake Argyle we show you the lake and the river from the air in plane and helicopter and from the water by high speed tour boat, 12 foot tinny and even canoe.

Colour by Numbers; The Sudokumentary

In a highly specialized, highly intellectual competition, one team of unqualified, under-prepared individuals prepare to make their mark! Australia first national sudoku team (the Numbats) travel into the unknown of competitive puzzling as they enter the World Sudoku Championships in Goa, India.

Competing against numerical geniuses from the world over, including the much fancied tournament favourite, Thomas Snyder, the Numbats experience what representing their country is all about.