I Told You I was Ill

I TOLD YOU I WAS ILL: THE LIFE AND LEGACY OF SPIKE MILLIGAN is an intimate and deeply personal portrait of comic genius Spike Milligan through the eyes of his brother, three daughters and third wife. Each saw a very different side of this complex and multifaceted man who forever changed English comedy and trampled on the notions of decorum and deference. For the first time his family have opened up their personal archives to reveal Spike as a brilliant, tortured and visionary man who trod the thin line between genius and debilitating depression.

Doni doni – soon you will be artists.

In Koumana village Bangali, Moussa, Dati and Omori Camara are learning the traditional music of Hamanah people: the Strong Men, by master Nankhoria Amadou Keita.

Step by step they will learn the secrets of Hamanah tradition. Yakhouba Dabo, a young percussionist from Conakry, reaches Koumana during his travel in search of traditional rhythms where he meets the four children. Their destinies meeting is the cross between village and city, where tradition and modernity weaves together.

Kristina Olsen with Peter Grayling Live in Concert

A chance to experience an unusual musical pairing when American singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist Kristina Olsen with Australian cellist Peter Grayling.?Kristina Olsen is a powerfully engaging performer with a blues raw velvet voice, brilliant guitar skills (on acoustic and steel-body slide guitar) and a fine way of crafting a song, from hilarious tales of love-gone-wrong to seriously compelling songs of rare insight and compassion.?

Cellist Peter Grayling takes an instrument rarely seen off the classical stage and weaves it through Olsen’s songs, enriching the ballads with a gorgeous, mellow sound and driving along the bluesy numbers with punchy playing and recklessly passionate solos.

?Dr. Grayling was formerly the principal cellist with the Tasmania Symphony Orchestra and now currently does contract work for the Western Australian Symphony when he isn’t on tour with Olsen.?These two multi-instrumentalists create inspired musical settings, recorded live with the emphasis on the real interplay of a musical partnership honed on stage.

I’m a Stripper, So What?

In these days, the stereotyped image of all strippers as drugs addicts, whores and brainless ‘bimbos’ is over…These new-age strippers break the mould – they are multi graduates, law students or successful businesswomen. Through interviews and filmed scenes of their bared bodies, the film explores the lives of these strippers. Not only have these exotic dancers overcome personal hurdles, they have to deal with the daily scrutiny of their profession as well as fighting for their safety. Some girls are constantly faced with the possibility of meeting someone they know or being recognized by parents, boyfriends or colleagues. Both riveting and insightful, this half an hour documentary delves into the fascinating world of adult entertainment.