Desert Riders

Thousands of children, some as young as two, were trafficked to work as camel jockeys in the Middle East. At the training schools, they were starved, injected with hormones and physically abused. Many died. Even more never returned. Even though the use of children as camel jockeys has now been banned, many suspect the practice is still continuing. We hear the stories of the children whose lives have been marred forever by their experiences. DIRECTOR: VIC SARIN/ PRODUCER: filmblanc.

Black Diamond


It’s an old story with a perverse new twist. Before, it was known as the transatlantic slave trade. Today, it’s just called business.
This is the compelling story of the international web of speculation and trafficking in African boys, under the guise of international football.
Every African boy dreams of being scouted for a Western club. Football means a way out of poverty for their entire families: a passport to a new life. But most of the boys are simply pawns in a cynical game governed by self-interest and money. Tricked out of thousands of euros, they end up abandoned in foreign countries. We travel from the slums of Accra and Abidjan to the petro-dollar sports temples of Arab potentates and unravel the networks ensnaring these African boys. Directed by Pascale Lamche.

Black Diamond Poster

The Booker

Steve Scarborough is a booker with a vision who is struggling to build a professional wrestling league from the ground up. In Steve’s mind, modern pro wrestling has lost their audience because the theatrical form has been spurned in favor of shock tactics and clearly fake fighting. Putting everything he has on the line, Steve works to capture and engage audiences by restoring integrity to championship wrestling with PWC and along the way he learns a little something about himself.

Steve Scarborough, thirty eight year old father of two, has loved pro wrestling since he was a small child growing up in Hawaii. So much so, at 22 he went to Japan to train as a wrestler, seeing it as a good way to get the experience he needed to pursue his dream of being a pro wrestling, Pro wrestling in Japan is treated much different than here in America. The wrestlers are respected and expected to act as professional athletes. The training is a brutal, boot camp like routine made to weed out any applicant that is seen as wanting by the elder wrestlers. When he returned to the states, he hooked up with the legendary Jake “The Snake” Roberts and would be his traveling companion/wrestling opponent for almost 2 years. Steve maintains that it was these two experiences that have shaped his opinion of what pro wrestling should be.

Gradually Steve learned that he wouldn’t be able to make a decent living as a wrestler alone, so he started doing commentary and live announcing of the matches where he was on the under card. Things may have continued thus, traveling the country, picking up matches when and where he could until a chance meeting with pro wrestling legend ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper. Piper encouraged him to go into teaching the sport, saying that Steve was “too smart to get his head bashed in for money”.

Knowing that pro wrestling’s deepest roots lay in the south, Steve decided that was where he should go to set up his school. That was it, he just picked Atlanta off a map, packed up and moved. That was 2001.

After a few soured partnerships and failed attempts to get a school off the ground, Steve had all but given up on having a wrestling school of his own. Now married with children, he had to consider that being a wrestling coach and booker might not be in the cards. He decided to give it one last go, having heard that a local theater might let him set up a ring in a spare room.

Colour by Numbers; The Sudokumentary

In a highly specialized, highly intellectual competition, one team of unqualified, under-prepared individuals prepare to make their mark! Australia first national sudoku team (the Numbats) travel into the unknown of competitive puzzling as they enter the World Sudoku Championships in Goa, India.

Competing against numerical geniuses from the world over, including the much fancied tournament favourite, Thomas Snyder, the Numbats experience what representing their country is all about.

The Potemkin League

In 2005 the Glazer family took over Man United in Footballs first leveraged buyout. In 2007 America duo Tom Hicks and George Gillett purchased Liverpool football club in the same manner despite promises to the contrary. The Potemkin league chronicled the unfortunate ownership of the two Americans and found a city and culture that was diametrically opposed to their methods. The documentary discovers the Shankly spirit, crushed by the Thatcher years, awakened in the city and followed the events as they unfold. Director: Michael Oswald; Writer: Mike Horwath; Stars: David Bick, Patrick Duggan and Tony Evans