With Me

The indecisive story of a girl who ran from her past…

With me - still

Cacu, a change for life

Five fishermen from Manresa, a poor neighborhood to the West of Santo Domingo, transitioned from sea turtle nest predators to conservationists of the species. Their 4-year transformative process was implemented by marine biologist Omar Shamir Reynoso, who developed a one-of-a-kind plan in the Dominican Republic that involves fishermen and communities alike in conservation efforts.

Cacu - still

The White Pearl

Year 1900 – RUSSIA: Oxana (Pearl) a beautiful and rich heiress very young widow of a soldier, with a shoot of less than a month Lena (Elena) saddened by the loss of her beloved husband, takes refuge in finding PEACE in her faith, love to his daughter and painting. An incentive to move forward in her life, this leads her to focus on meditation, reading and art. After the years in 1917 he finds in the beauty of his young daughter, the lost sensuality … since he did not return to any man his beautiful body. Her teenage daughter has a passion for music, both of them adore the work of Maestro Pablo Sarasate, instilling in her as a child the love for the arts, with the utmost naturalness, these two women create a world full of subtlety … in their lives there is a woman who Mark your destiny, a great friend, Aleksandra, who Belongs to a Russian aristocratic family of Ukrainian origin, which anchors its roots beyond the thirteenth century a great Feminist, she was always at his side as a patron … that year They travel to Paris fleeing Russia, this friend protects them, from there to the South of France. 1935 Lena travels to Pamplona, ​​already as a great researcher, looking for the roots of Pablo Sarasate.

La Perla Blanca - still

La Bodega Del Toro

Este corto, mezcla datos de la vida Real de un Torero Navarro, nació en Tafalla el 21 de enero del 1903. Lo llamaban el Leon de Navarra. Estuvo locamente enamorado de su “Modestita” . Y “La Mas Cara Trianera” su amor, es personaje ficticio, de una Bailaora Sevillana que no existió y que es solo producto de una inspiración… Se comunican con el lenguaje secreto del abanico.

La bodega del toro - still

Guns and Guitars

Guns and Guitars track the journey of the director Bidyut back to his root – northeast India.

The 8 northeastern states connect with the rest of the country with a mere corridor of 21 km in breath at places, but shares more than 4500 km of international borders with 5 different countries Filmed as a travelogue, this musical quest brings to light the positive influence of music emanating from the youth living in this region, which is crippled by state and non state violence for the last half a century.

The journey finally culminates on the celebratory night of 24th May with Bob Dylan’s birthday concert, organized by the legendary northeastern musician Lou Majaw for the 41st consecutive years, where all the 8 rock bands with whom we interacted earlier participate. With guitar in their hands and songs of life and hope on their lips, these youngsters are truly instrumental in changing the northeastern canvas of despair and anguish into one of hope and peace, much like how Bob Dylan operated in the America of 60s, torn by civil rights movements & Vietnam War …

25 Tracks

25 are two unknown, indie songwriters in a bare bones studio on a train in the industrial West of Melbourne – Australia’s music capital. 25 plan to write, record then release a fresh song every two weeks of the year. Cath loves pop, Nick loves garage rock. She wants jazz flute, he wants a dirty guitar. Is this ever going to work, are they totally deluded, is it an impossible goal? Will anyone even care or notice in the century of information and product overload? This is not reality TV, it’s not a competition, it’s real musicians doing their own thing.


A teacher of future teachers, bet for a radical change in education, through its course “4’9”; to involve and seduce their students, will tell the childhood of a well-known character.

4'9 - still


Strange phenomena have occurred following the fire of the Institute of Biomedical Research of the Armies, Max tells us his version of the facts.

Max - still

Midnight’s Garden

The moon is shining on a joyful couple. While they play they find a secret garden in the middle of a forest. Unaware of the danger, the young couple goes deeper and deeper in this mysterious midnight garden. Charmed, they slowly lost themselves in this botanical labyrinth…

Midnight’s Garden - still

The Fall

As celestial beings descend to Earth vitiating its population, the world’s order unbalances. Initiated by these terms, a tragic fall leads to the parturition of crucial opposites: Hell and Heaven’s circles.

La Chute - still