Ana’s Commission

Ana’s Commission - poster
101 minutes
Igor Šmid

The contextual framework of “Ana’s commission” is the current phenomenon of tycoon (or white-collar) scandals in Slovenia.

In the foreground of Ana's commission there is a story of a personal and intimate drama of Ana Mlejnik, a photographer and designer, triggered by tycoon dealings of her husband Sašo Mlejnik, a seemingly successful businessman, who keeps his business entirely secret from his wife and the mother of their daughter, Lina.

Sašo’s cleverly disguised greed that clouds his judgement between good and evil results in a situation Sašo can no longer handle: he disappears into the unknown. Ana and Lina become helpless victims of an invisible tycoon criminal group. Inside this dramatic overturn there is even more: a story of betrayal, relationship, friendship and love.

A subtle and especially important thematic parallel is the attitude of society towards Ana and Lina after they become helpless victims of circumstances: the environment does not believe that Ana did not play a part, or at least that she doesn't know of her husband's wrongdoings. In the beginning of the story, Ana’s profound empathy for fellow humans in distress leads her to photograph refugees crossing blade fences at the border.

The completely unexpected twist at the end is thus an even greater shock for Ana: metaphorically, Ana and Lina become refugees too…