Being with Clay

81 minutes

Her first documentary, "Youku", is an example of Ms. Hongyu's intellectual and spiritual depth. She uses an oral history approach to tell a simple but profound story about 85 year old Yang Bailiang's life history. Ms. Hongyu's documentary beautifully sculptures Yang Bailiang visually whose hands and face are remarkable, while revealing the potter's simple peasant life, a constant struggle to survive using pottery making skills to barter for food, learned from her great, great, great grandmother; a heritage dating back to the Neolithic age, 6000 years ago, among the Li Minority of Hainan Island. The documentary is a kind of visual poetry with a strong filmic sense that gives the viewer a taste of how ancient history translates to surviving in the 21st century. There is also a lovely sense of humor. Winner: Heritage Award, 8th Montpellier Film Festival of Clay and Glass (March, 2012) . Director Tan Hongyu