Malaki – Scent of an Angel

80 minutes

Revolves around families of abducted persons during and in the aftermath of the Lebanese war.It sheds the light on the trauma of six different families constantly teetering on the brink of incertitude.Each family doesn't know the fate of their abducted member whether dead or alive.The premise of the film is humane for it depicts the broken emotional ties within the family away from any political implication.The film combines real interviews within a surreal set on one hand,and surreal fiction on the other hand.Interviews reveal the families reaction towards the abduction of a member.Fiction part is an incarnation of their fantasies,an awaited day of reunion,a recurring dream and a fantasy. The film plays on the notion of blurred reality and fantasies since the families reality is unbearable; ultimately, they escape to their dream.

Khalil Dreifus Zaarour

Executive Producer
May Abi Raad

Original Music
Nadim Mishlawi

Director of Photography
Elie Berbary

Marwan Ziadeh, Rabih Osta

Assistant Director
Elyssa Ayoub

Sound Mixing
Rana Eid