It’s impossible to provide too much detail without spoiling this quirky, creative comedy with a strong element of a genre you’d never expect. The film is set in the beautifully, mountainous Savoy region of France. It follows the exploits of senior farmers who all love a drink. Hungover, they make their way into town, only to enter a grisly and comically disturbing scenario. We’ll have to stop there, though I can say the acting is exceptional, the scenery stunning and … a priest provides a supremely useful ally to our protagonists.  That last hint might help you guess where it all leads.

The last vermouth - still


This 20-minute mediation on the conditions of female prisoners in Brazil provides a devastatingly candid insight into their reality. It’s no surprise the director, Allisson Sbrana, is a journalist as well as film maker.  The film has all the marks of social realism as it tackles the weighty topic: the subdued colour, bleak tone and location provide a sense of claustrophobia, in which this stark human drama unfolds. As if poverty is a crime, having your new born child snatched from you is a drastic punishment. This film is as heavy going as it’s worthwhile. It offers a profoundly humane portrayal of women harshly melded by an inhumane system.

Arrested Prisoners - poster

Art House Nominations

The Art House category has revealed some interesting and bizarre gems, where reality and imagination collide. The nominations are:

  • Brief Encounter, Greece
  • What Remains, Brazil
  • Amoled, Spain
  • Last Vermouth, France

Animation Nominations

It is always a pleasure to see interesting animation, and this festivals nominations are no exception:

  • Feminam, Belgium
  • Here, USA
  • A Flash of a Second, USA

Documentary Nominations

The Documentary Nominations all have interesting insights into other worlds that we would rarely get access to

  • Escape to Costa Rica-Jungle!, a beautifully shot nature documentary
  • Where It All Began, an uncanny history of football
  • John Cousins and the University of the Waves, an intricate look at a true musical innovator