A flash of a second

The story is about a girl met a cat coincidentally in a storm night. They gained trust and became friends.

A flash of a second - still

Steppe Man

One steppe man is living far from the cities closely communicating with the nature. His father teaches him all wisdom of the steppe life.

After his father’s death he met with the young woman who came from the village.

Meeting with her is a new page in his life and a huge step into the big and unfamiliar life ahead..

Steppe Man - still

The last Vermouth

1998, France : three old friends, mountain farmers, meet each other one evening to celebrate Serge’s retirement, the group leader. They drink too excessively and wake up much later.

As they realise they don’t have alcohol anymore, they decide to go down to the nearest village to refuel. By the time they arrive there, they realise that the dead have come back to life and attack the living.

During an escape, they meet an old priest who helps the remaining survivors and decide to unit to survive.

The last vermouth - still


On the ninth birthday, during the 1999 war, Rreze Abdullahu has written the Diary of Fear. In that significant day, she didn’t except any gifts or any birthday-party.

She had only one wish: She didn’t want to die.

That day, Rreze went towards the Serbian soldier who was guarded the area and said to him: ‘Today, it is my birthday, and I don’t want to die!…I just want to be alive’. The soldier began to cry.

Rreze got stoned, she thought the soldiers never cry. Eighteen years later, upon the ruins of the past, Rreze appears in desperation with the world that doesn’t appear to be any better.

This film has been based upon the true Diary of Rreze Adbullahu.

Rreze - still

John Cousins & University of the Waves

Portrait of a musician: sonic artist John Cousins, born in 1944 in Wellington, New Zealand.

His credo he takes from a poem by Pablo Neruda:

‘I need the sea, because it teaches me. I don’t know if I learn music or awareness…The fact is that until I fall asleep, in some magnetic way I move in the university of the waves.?

John Cousins presents his multi channel works exclusively in his own studio in Christchurch – to a single listener at a time.

As source material for his compositions he uses field recordings, interviews and his own voice.

The film was shot in different locations in New Zealand, chiefly around the Paturau River Mouth on the Northwest coast of the South Island. It is presented in a 5.1 surround sound mix.


Cacu, a change for life

Five fishermen from Manresa, a poor neighborhood to the West of Santo Domingo, transitioned from sea turtle nest predators to conservationists of the species. Their 4-year transformative process was implemented by marine biologist Omar Shamir Reynoso, who developed a one-of-a-kind plan in the Dominican Republic that involves fishermen and communities alike in conservation efforts.

Cacu - still


A teacher of future teachers, bet for a radical change in education, through its course “4’9”; to involve and seduce their students, will tell the childhood of a well-known character.

4'9 - still


Jessica assist to a yoga class that may expand her universe in an extreme way.

Onión - still

A sublime life

Dr. Ivan has found two radical cures for unhappiness: the diagnosis of fake terminal cancers and the temporary elimination of some of the 5 senses. But will the therapies result or do they have unforeseeable side effects?

A sublime life - still