The movie FEMINAM, Latin for woman is an autonomous visual work by Marijke De Belie in which the artist plays with representations of women throughout the centuries.

Still it has not become a scientifical chronological enumeration of all female icons but more a flood of images like the one we experience in our REM sleep. For this she uses a direct animation technique.

With a black aquarel pencil on a white panel of wood she registers the drawing process itself, in an authentic and uncomplicated drawing style.


A flash of a second

The story is about a girl met a cat coincidentally in a storm night. They gained trust and became friends.

A flash of a second - still


“Ten years from now, twenty years from now, you will see: oil will bring us Ruin… Oil is the Devil’s excrement.’

Juan Pablo Pérez Alfonso
(Venezuelan diplomat, politician and lawyer primarily responsible for the inception and Creation of OPEC.)

Based on this apocalyptic quote by Juan Pablo Pérez Alfonso “HERE” is a surrealistic portrait of war for Oil.

Here - still

Where It All Began

Where it all began is a documentary about the worlwide and english history of football.

Where it all began - still

Escape to Costa Rica – Jungle!

The episode of the trilogy Escape to Costa Rica.

The Costa Rica jungle is home to over half a million species. It hides unseen mysteries of life, only a fraction of which have ever been discovered by humans. Most of the creatures that the creators captured during their journey display exceptional abilities – basilisks that can run across the surface of water, frogs that change into leaves, sloths that live largely upside-down, and Atta leafcutter ants, whose antibiotic production would be the envy of any pharmaceutical giant. Equally worthy of attention are the feathered denizens of the jungle, such as toucans and tanagers, and macaws, which Project Ara works tirelessly to rescue and use to repopulate their territory.

Costa Ricans are well aware of their extraordinary natural wealth, and they protect their treasure with an exceptional range of national parks and protected areas. The jungle can, however, be dangerous. It’s a test for anybody who wishes to explore it – the jungle will try their determination, courage, and ability to observe, listen, and blend in. The reward is unexpected self-knowledge.

Escape to Costa Rica - still

What Remains

Freely inspired by the classic German novel, “The Magic Mountain”, by Thomas Mann, the film follows the last days of Clavdia Chauchat (Isabél Zuaa) in a sanatorium for the treatment of respiratory diseases. In trying to say goodbye to Hans Castorp (Vicente Coelho), she has to deal with the confession of an unpronounced love. In space-time comings and goings, both make an effort of resignification of their affections so that they can move forward.

What Remains - still

Ana’s Commission

The contextual framework of “Ana’s commission” is the current phenomenon of tycoon (or white-collar) scandals in Slovenia.

In the foreground of Ana’s commission there is a story of a personal and intimate drama of Ana Mlejnik, a photographer and designer, triggered by tycoon dealings of her husband Sašo Mlejnik, a seemingly successful businessman, who keeps his business entirely secret from his wife and the mother of their daughter, Lina.

Sašo’s cleverly disguised greed that clouds his judgement between good and evil results in a situation Sašo can no longer handle: he disappears into the unknown. Ana and Lina become helpless victims of an invisible tycoon criminal group. Inside this dramatic overturn there is even more: a story of betrayal, relationship, friendship and love.

A subtle and especially important thematic parallel is the attitude of society towards Ana and Lina after they become helpless victims of circumstances: the environment does not believe that Ana did not play a part, or at least that she doesn’t know of her husband’s wrongdoings. In the beginning of the story, Ana’s profound empathy for fellow humans in distress leads her to photograph refugees crossing blade fences at the border.

The completely unexpected twist at the end is thus an even greater shock for Ana: metaphorically, Ana and Lina become refugees too…

Ana’s Commission - still

Steppe Man

One steppe man is living far from the cities closely communicating with the nature. His father teaches him all wisdom of the steppe life.

After his father’s death he met with the young woman who came from the village.

Meeting with her is a new page in his life and a huge step into the big and unfamiliar life ahead..

Steppe Man - still

Yet another break-up

Thierry wants to leave Sacha but can’t find the courage to tell her. However, not for want of trying…

Yet another break-up - still