The WorldFilm.com Festival is an interactive festival with audience voting and awards that showcases films and filmmakers that strive to push the boundaries of story telling in powerful and engaging ways.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Atomic History Of The A-Bomb

Avatars of the Astral Worlds

Avatars of the Astral Worlds

Bernie: Man On A Mission


Brainwashed The Secrets Of Mind Control

Captain Morten Feature Image

Captain Morten and The Spider Queen


Des-Extincion (De-Extinction)


Elizabeth: Senator Warren's Fight To The Finish

Ghosts The Unseen Presence

Heroes Of The Holocaust Oskar Schindler


Megafires feature image 2

Megafires: Investigating a global threat


New World Order The Shadow Of Power

Operation Paperclip The Secret Recruitment

Perfect Present Scene

Perfect Present

Psilocybin The Magic Portal